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Getting there

Martos on the map

Strategic location
Located within the metropolitan area of the capital of Jaén: 100 kilometers from Córdoba, 20 kilometers from Jaén and 100 kilometers from the Granada-Jaén airport
Highway junction
Crossed by both the Olivar motorway (A-316) from Úbeda to Estepa with direct access to the industrial estates of Marteños from the motorway itself, as well as by the motorway to Madrid and the A-32 and A-44, the Sierra Nevada Highway
Bus station
Martos is part of the metropolitan area consortium with constant and daily connections with the capital of Jaén and magnificent links with the rest of the municipalities that are part of the area

How to get to Martos?

We explain the alternatives to get to our beautiful city, both by public transport and by private car or by taxi

The municipality of Martos is located in the southwest of the province of Jaén, about 20 km from the provincial capital, settling between the countryside of Jaén and the northwestern area of the Subbéticas mountains.

01. Road
The main communication route that connects Martos with other towns in Andalusia is the Autovía del Olivar, known as the intermediate diagonal axis and which surrounds the city with 3 entrances to the urban core. Itinerary: Úbeda/A-32-Baeza-Jaén/A-44- Martos-Cabra-Lucena-Estepa/A-92
02. Bus
Martos is part of the Jaén area transport consortium. The municipal bus station allows intermodality between different means of transport such as intercity buses, urban buses and taxis. From the bus station there are interurban lines with other nearby towns, through the transport consortium of the Jaén area.
03. Taxi
The City Council of Martos has enabled a mobile phone number to cover the city's taxi service guards. The number of this telephone is 648 610 542. In this way, whoever needs to use the taxi service can request it through the telephone number of the stop 953 550723, or through the telephone number of the aforementioned guard service
04. Train or plane
A little more than 20 kilometers separate the train station from the capital of Jaén while the Granada-Jaén airport is 100 kilometers away with direct access from the Sierra Nevada motorway
05. Cycling Touring
You can also get to Martos through the Vía Verde del Aceite. This green corridore, which crosses 14 municipalities of Jaén and Córdoba, is the longest in Andalusia with 128 kilometers and as it passes through Martos it becomes a first-rate tourist and environmental resource.

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